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Adam Kraut


"Protecting our rights. Fighting for our future."

About Adam

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Adam Kraut and I’m running for election to the NRA Board of Directors. I had been encouraged by many of my close friends to run for the Board. After giving it much thought and several lengthy discussions, I decided to run for the Board because I believe that the NRA needs the next generation of Second Amendment Advocates to become involved in the direction of the organization.

I reside in the great state of Pennsylvania, the Keystone state, which is home to the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Pennsylvania has excellent firearms laws including state preemption, shall issue License to Carry Firearms, Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground, and the ability to own just about every type of firearm out there save for explosives. Article 1 Section 21 of our State Constitution states “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.” Yet, time and time again, politicians from Philadelphia and those funded by Bloomberg money attempt to infringe on the rights of our citizens not only here in PA but on a national level.


Adam Kraut

I currently work two jobs. I’m the general manager of a gun shop in the suburbs of Philadelphia and I’m also an attorney who has focused my entire practice around firearms related matters. Some days of the week I spend arming the free world and other days I fight back against unconstitutional laws and regulations from behind a desk or educating my fellow citizens at firearms law seminars. I’ve spent countless unpaid hours writing comments in opposition to proposed regulatory rule changes and have also engaged in litigation both at the state and federal level regarding firearms issues. I’m also the host of the show called The Legal Brief which airs weekly on The Gun Collective. I also frequently appear on the podcast This Week in Guns on the Firearms Radio Network.

“The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.” -Art. 1 Section 21 PA State Constitution


So why should you vote for me? My experience behind the gun counter as well as a member of the firearms community puts me in a unique position to see many of the issues facing our community. I’ve been a member of the NRA since 2009 and have been a life member since 2012. Since my departure from high school, I’ve been politically active when it comes to preserving and expanding firearms rights. I have taken trips out to Harrisburg to lobby my state legislature, called and written my federal representatives, and encouraged others to become involved in the process. At the shop, every time there is legislation being debated that would affect firearms rights, I educate the employees as to why they should call their representatives, request they call their respective representatives while at work and encourage our customers to do the same.


I’ve also included a list of companies and people who have endorsed me in my campaign for the board below. I’ve already earned the trust from numerous individuals located all around the country. I believe I can earn yours too if given the opportunity.


Too many times I hear people my age groan and moan that the NRA does not represent them or their interests. The NRA seems to be a generation behind when it comes to representing gun owners. In order to prevail and remain relevant, the NRA needs younger people to guide the organization to encourage those who are my age and younger to not only join, but to FIGHT. Those who oppose firearms rights are nimble, well funded and unrelenting. Too often the NRA is being reactive instead of proactive.

You’ll have an advocate who understands what the next generation of Second Amendment advocates wants the NRA to say and do.

If you elect me to the board, you can rest assured you have a friend who believes that NFA firearms (including machine guns) are guaranteed to the people in the Second Amendment. You’ll have an advocate who understands what the next generation of Second Amendment advocates wants the NRA to say and do. And most importantly, you’ll have a person who is willing to listen to the ideas of members in order to make it happen.

I would be honored for your support in this endeavor.

Adam Kraut

Watch The Legal Brief

Watch The Legal Brief


  • Widener Law School 2014
  • SUNY Binghamton 2009

Bar Admissions

  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court
  • District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania – 2015
  • District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania – 2015
  • District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania – 2016


  • Can I Still Own a Gun? The Making of a Prohibited Person through Ineffective/Incompetent Legal Advice – New Matter | Chester County Bar Association – 2016

Present Activities

  • Boy Scouts of America Troop 149 Committee Member

Select Works

The Legal Brief

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Chester County Bar Association
  • National Rifle Association – Benefactor Member
  • Second Amendment Foundation – Life Member

Honors and Awards

  • Eagle Scout
  • Certified Glock Armorer
  • Certified Smith and Wesson M&P Armorer
  • Certified FN SCAR Armorer

Election Process

The ballots are mailed out in the February edition of the NRA magazine to which you are subscribed. When you get your ballot, please vote for myself and other members you wish to see on the board. Remember, if you vote for less people instead of the maximum 25, there is a better chance I’ll make it to the board. I appreciate the support and look forward to serving you!


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Boxer Tactical

Amidst the Noise/Billy Johnson (Former NRA Commentator)

John Hollister (formerly of AAC)

Haus of Guns

Haus of Arms

Firearms Radio Network

Patriot Patch Company

Patton Media and Consulting

Tommy Built Tactical

Natalie Foster, Host of NRA TV's Love at First Shot/Blogger at Girls Guide to Guns

Alpha Dog Silencers

USA Chemical Supply

2A Armament

Sage Dynamics

Youth Shooters of America

Shyanne Roberts - Youth Shooter

Blue Alpha Gear

American Defense Manufacturing

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