As a candidate for the NRA Board of Directors, I feel strongly that the Directors should always remember they represent the individuals who elected them and are ultimately accountable to them. To ensure that it is never forgotten, I have drafted a series of proposed bylaw amendments which would impose term limits and mandatory attendance to the Board's Regular Meetings. I've additionally drafted proposed change which would create an Honorary Board for members who bring value to the Board as a whole, but are unable to contribute as much time as the position demands. 


Term Limits and Mandatory Attendance

Proposed Amendment One would require a Director to run by petition of the members if they wished to pursue a term immediately after the completion of their second term, removing the ability of the Director to continuously be nominated by the Nominating Committee and forcing them to prove their worth to the members, by going through the Petition process. A former director would be eligible for consideration by the Nominating Committee if they have not appeared on the ballot for three consecutive years after their last term.

Attendance of Board Members Whose Term Expires in 2019

all board attendance records

Proposed Amendment Two would require that a Director attend two of the three Regular Meetings held each year or lose their eligibility to be nominated by the Nominating Committee. There is a provision which would allow for an excused absence due to 1) a medical emergency, 2) death in the family, 3) natural disaster, or 4) their flight, etc. being canceled by the provider (eg. airline). However, if a Director were to miss three or more successive Regular Meetings due to a medical emergency OR two or more successive Regular Meetings due to the other 3 exemptions, they would be ineligible for consideration by the Nominating Committee.

Proposed Amendment Three would amend the section in the bylaws about the Nominating Committee to contain those restrictions on nominations.

Honorary Board

Honorary Boards are typically utilized as a mechanism to place influential individuals, who don’t have the time to serve on the governing board, on a Board to advise the organization as time allows. Honorary Boards are a way to engage individuals who can bring value to the organization in a manner that is manageable for them.

The proposed amendment would create an Honorary Board which would be composed of individuals who wield significant public influence, harbor business or political acumen, have significant personal achievements in preserving the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and/or have made significant financial contributions to the Association to help guide the Board of Directors by sharing their knowledge and wisdom in Board deliberations and public outreach.

While the Board of Directors and members of the Executive Council are entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses by the Association, the proposed amendment for the Honorary Board would not allow Honorary Members to be reimbursed. This is an important measure to ensure that the Association and its members are not responsible for more expenses in relation to the Honorary Board.